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Previously the owner/operator of The Art Shoppe, Inc., a retail business establishment located in Jefferson City (Capitol of) Missouri, I served my community and the surrounding area, for 18 years, in the field of Visual Fine Arts, Commissioned Art and Custom Picture Framing. However, due to unexpected physical disabilities,  I found it necessary to leave the retail business, but my love of art has continued to spur me on in new directions. I now strive to provide a more personal level of service through freelance work.

My background is originally in Oil and Watercolor but I've traded in my palette and brushes and now exclusively work with computer/graphics pad and pen. All original work is done by hand in Photoshop. Other work may require design in 3D software but finished results are always rendered 2D and completed by hand in Photoshop.

Aside from creating original art, I also work with photo repair/retouching, website design, and layout/illustrations/cover art for books, along with designing custom logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, newsletters, and much more.


A Little Background History


I started with the average art class background in high school, and felt I had done nothing with it. However, after 13 years as a hair stylist, and as many years tailoring clothing for my family, it became apparent that I had put to use many skills learned in those high school art classes. Symmetry, design, color co-ordination and harmony, to name only a few. During the late 60's and 70's, it came as no surprise to me that all those years of color, design, and precision fitting led me to a desire to create works of art on canvas and paper. Over a several year period, in the late 70's, I pursued private lessons and on location seminars in oil and watercolor. Surrounding myself with other creative people and their arts seemed like a natural progression for me, and I found myself opening The Art Shoppe, Inc. in 1980. It wasn't long before I also added custom framing to the gallery and art supply business, as it was yet another way to extend the creativity, by expanding the design beyond the artwork itself. My husband, and fellow artist, Frederick, joined me after my sixth year in business, and together we spent the next twelve years sharing in the daily mix of creativity and community service.

In 1995 I suffered a neck/back injury, from which I never fully recovered. My husband also fell victim to a condition called Peripheral Artery Disease, and was no longer able to spend long hours on his feet. We tried to fool ourselves into believing we could continue, each contributing whatever strength we had, to overcome the weaknesses we suffered.  After two years, it became apparent that we could no longer keep up with the needs of the business, and in 1998 we had to sell. After 18 years in business, being at home and out of the daily mix of art and artists was very hard to accept, as we just weren't sure where to go from there. It didn't take long for my frustrations to turn into the fuel needed to find a new direction and pour myself into learning how to transfer my artistic talents to the computer. The graphics pad became my palette and the graphics pen became my brush, and I was again free-handing my own original creations. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had just opened a whole new world of possibilities that never existed on paper or canvas, so I never looked back. My husband continued with his custom portrait work and oil painting commissions, and we began to hone our talents to collaborate on projects together. We found a whole new world as free lance artists, working together seamlessly, each contributing his/her talent toward the end goal, and satisfaction of the client.

Unfortunately, I lost my husband to cancer in January of 2009, so just me (and our 4-legged companion Sonny) continue on. Aside from the normal artistic activities I'm generally accustomed to, I have now extended my art to help support/promote our veterans. My daughter served in the Navy, both of my grandsons are now in the military (Navy and Marine Corp), other family members have served in the Army and Air Force, and I have friends that served in the Coast Guard. I have designed and now maintain a website for a Vietnam veteran, located at I have designed websites at and, for a former Marine who continues his service by volunteering his time and talent to many veteran/student/memorial organizations and causes. I also rendered the artistic design for a Navy Order of the Blue Nose Challenge Coin, and a special version of a Missing Man Table Ceremonial Poster. (Images available in the 2D-3D Art section of this website). I thoroughly enjoy doing this type of work, as it is my way of showing my appreciation for all those who have served, and are currently serving, their country. I did not have the opportunity or privilege of serving in any branch of the military, but I hope to now be able to serve those who have.


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